In cooler months, mice become more of an issue. When food supplies start running low in nature the resilient rodents of Albuquerque head indoors.

Suggestions on How to Get Rid of Mice

My first suggestion to property owners is to inspect there dwellings for small openings. A mouse can enter through a hole the size of a pen or pencil. Check all of your doors for sun light penetrating through.A good rule of thumb is if there is light a mouse probably can get through. Don’t forget your attic and or roof, many infestations come from faulty parapets or holes near gutters and spouts.

Getting Rid of Mice in House

If mice are all ready in your house, make sure you wipe down your counters in the kitchen often. Mice and other rodents urinate constantly and can carry diseases.

Find out Where The Mice are Coming From

Once you have identified where they are coming from, place a trapping device in their path. Catching the mice in your house is one possibility. Mice generally run along walls as they are mostly blind and follow walls for guidance. One can identify rub marks where the grease from there fur will rub off.
So you can buy mouse traps and give them a try. There are many types and styles of traps on the market, depending on where you find the mice. There are different ways on how to get rid of mice naturally, but there are many other ways too. Here are some how to get rid of mice home remedies. There are:

  • electronic mouse repellent;
  • decon mouse traps;
  • cheap rat trap;
  • you can buy rat poison;
  • rodent repellent system;
  • sonic mouse repellent;
  • sticky rat traps;
  • ultra sonic mouse repellent;
  • rodent bait stations;
  • rat snap traps etc.

Best Bait for Mouse Traps, Not as Good as it Appears

Some people will turn to bait. Be careful if you chose this method. There is bait available to home owners but remember it can kill family pets just as fast. Plus if a mouse or rat eats the bait you may not locate it before it stinks of decay.
If you think the mouse population is greater than a few, I strongly recommend giving Patriot Pest Control a call. A mouse or rat population can grow quickly if conditions are correct.

Try to Deter Mice

Reduce the environment mice need to thrive. Feeding birds, just realize you are also supplying food for mice, rats and other wild life.
Water is also a reason for infestation.
Back yard streams and ponds are all the rage but you are supplying a great water source for rodents. So if you do have an environment suitable to rodents I suggest you monitor your area with some sort of multiple catch trap, rat trap bait station and check it as part of your routine.

Check for Chew Marks

Do you have a hot tub? If yes inspect the cabinets and check your wires for chew marks. If you see evidence of mice or rat activity, stop what your doing immediately. You need to go and put on a dust mask or respirator . In closed spaces the droppings can turn to dust and become air borne.

Sanitize Area’s with Bleach

Deadly Viruses can exist if conditions are right, don’t take the chance. Spray the area with a bleach solution and clean out debris. This is a good idea any where you find a mouse or rat “nest” and rodent droppings.

Cars And Trucks Are Not Immune

Many people will park a recreational vehicle or toy for the winter. I suggest a reminder to check your wires through out the winter or any time a vehicle is parked for any length of time. Rodents love to chew right through spark plug wires.

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