For each task his tool

Today we are going to talk about blowers, showing you which machine is more suitable for your needs and showing you some alternatives that can be very useful. The main question we must always ask ourselves is “Which job should I do?”. Starting from this question we can already make a rough distinction on which product to choose. Let’s say that you need a machine able to blow and create large piles of material, in this case the most suitable product for you is a common blower. But what if instead of piles you wanted to suck the material? Then it would have been better to focus on a leaf vacuum. What if you also wanted to chop the material during collection? In that case you would need the best backpack leaf blower with a built-in leaf chopper system. Each of your needs has its own type of machine and it already tells us which product to focus on but it is not enough to determine the choice.

Technical characteristics that passion

Now that we know which product to focus on, we can enter the world of components and find out which technical characteristics our machine must have to fully meet our needs. Another factor that can determine our choice is the size of our garden, the type of material to move or collect and the possible need for a silent product during work. This decision will be influenced by the type of motor of our machine. The blowers with electric motor or battery powered are very quiet and extremely efficient in small or medium spaces with light and easy to move material but they lose effectiveness as the garden widens due to the battery life or, if the material to be removed is stubborn, due to the power. An alternative to this product are the blowers with internal combustion engine, very effective against stubborn material and on spaces larger than 1000 square meters but are extremely noisy not to mention the release of emissions and maintenance. But is this enough for us to choose our machine? Absolutely not, in fact we have one last factor that will reveal the truth about our product: power!

Lust for power

Until now we have understood that the choice of our machine depends on our needs, the space of our garden and the consistency of the material deposited on it but the list is missing an important feature that can make a big difference in our decision: power. The power of our blower allows us to determine exactly the ideal machine for us but let’s show some examples to better understand how this step takes place. Let’s say that our garden is 600 square meters and the amount of material to be moved is almost always slightly damp and not easy to remove. In this circumstance would be to choose a common electric or battery operated blower because of the size of the ground but is the answer really right? It depends. In fact, if we get a common electric machine able to release an insufficient power to lift that material our machine will be totally useless but if instead we take a product with such a power to move up to 1020 m3/h of material then our decision will be correct. At this point we were able to understand the importance of power and how much it can influence or not the decision of the ideal blower.

Important details

Until now we have talked about the characteristics that our ideal blower must have, but there are small details that cannot absolutely be missing in our machine and that make it perfect.

The speed variator is very important in a blower or vacuum cleaner because it allows us to hinge the material to be moved, thus avoiding damage to the surrounding environment or to the machine itself. For example if our material to be moved is mixed with leaves and small pebbles we can set the minimum speed in order to move only the lightest material, i.e. leaves.

The presence of a collection bag in case you need a leaf vacuum cleaner and its capacity. A bag that is too small for your amount of material will mean a continuous emptying of the bag while one that is too large will take up a lot of space.

An anti-vibration system for greater comfort during work. This is especially important in the case of very powerful and backpacked blowers that can be very tiring during work. If you buy a backpack, whatever it is, always make sure that the backpack is always padded for comfort at work.
Also make sure you receive any hose extensions that are ideal for the various needs you may encounter.

If you have to buy a leaf vacuum cleaner, always make sure that the vacuum blade is made of steel and not plastic. In this way, in case you have to suck a few stones too much, the blade will be able to hold and guarantee a better durability of the product.

Elite products

It may happen that a common tool, although perfect and ideal for our needs, is not enough to solve the problem and this is where the elite products arrive. Some examples are the Billy Goat leaf vacuum cleaner, a tool on wheels that can suck up anything that happens to be under your hand thanks to its immense power that is particularly useful in case of wet and beautiful compact leaves, or the Haaga push sweeper that can collect any material deposited on the ground thanks to its large brushes, ideal for cleaning outdoor floors quickly and effectively avoiding the dispersion of material. Extraordinary products that come to the rescue of those who are faced with special and unusual situations solving the problem.

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