Ants happen to be hardworking bugs but the last thing you want would be to get them invade the house, savoring your food as well as sugar. There are a few beneficial hints to getting rid of ants in the home.
First of all and most importantly would be to be sure that your home is always unpolluted. A dirty kitchen together with food crumbs all over the kitchen counter is definitely an invitation to party for the ants. It is easy to keep the house tidy by sweeping floors after meals or snacks and whenever you’re feeling that the home needs some scrubbing.
Wipe down counter tops immediately after eating and also make certain plates, dishes, as well as cups, are cleaned soon after eating. Please don’t leave dirty dishes inside the sink following eating. This can be a great invitation for a ant celebration.
Remember the less food you leave around the floors or tables, the least likely the ants will come. It’s also a good practice to sweep at night before you hit the sack to ensure that the house is clean as ants love to scout when the lights are out.
When mopping the floors, you might want to use a solution of ¼ cup bleach to 2 cups water as this solution is very handy in deterring future visits from ants.
Here are other methods of getting rid of ants in the home:

  1. White vinegar – You only need to spread white vinegar in ants-affected areas and in just minutes, you’ll be able to eradicate the ants.
  2. Taste of cucumber – consider placing small slices or pieces of cucumbers in the affected areas as that will definitely get them to leave your home.
  3. Spraying soapy water – on entry points of the ants or cabinets will also effectively get rid of the ants.
  4. Crush dried mint leaves into powder (use mint tea bags) – spread them in areas that are prone to ants
  5. Cayenne pepper powder – Other spices that might also work to repel ants
  6. Chili pepper powder – Other spices that might also work to repel ants
  7. Laurel leaves – Other spices that might also work to repel ants
  8. Extracts of citrus fruits – Other spices that might also work to repel ants
  9. Strongly aromatic spices such as cinnamon or clove – useful repellents but are not as common
  10. Use boiling water – to wash ants off your kitchen sink and counter tops or you can also pour water over any ant mounds discovered in your yard.

If you have a garden with trees, an added advice to avoid ants would be to trim the branches and ensure that these branches grow away from the house as ants sometimes gain access to your homes by crawling across the branches of trees.
However, if keeping your home spotless and making use of all these organic repellent methods cannot perform the job, then you definitely may have to take more stronger activity against the ‘army’. Phone the ant exterminator. Insecticides could be really the only method out although it is intoxicating. Patriot Pest Control Albuquerque deals with ant extermination.
Well, you need to absolutely get away from the house while the exterminator is doing their spraying job as it calls for potent chemical compounds in the course of elimination. You might want to allocate additional time immediately after the spraying to provide the fresh air to ventilate your home so that you can decrease the inhalation of the chemicals.
The ant exterminator will most likely provide you additional details as well as guidance to stop ants from visiting so be certain you comply with them since that may be the last touch that will result in your victory in the war with the ants. Ants may be strong in an army however they can be defeated when you perform your part. Aside from these you can get many more procedures to getting rid of ants in the house.

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