I’ve always been an avid gardener; a person that tends to frequent the garden centers during the spring while lamenting the cool temperatures of autumn and winter. Until recently I had given up on the prospect of growing certain types of plants due to my local climate, or even growing plants at all during the winter months. However, that all changed when I learned that I could purchase a mini greenhouse to improve my odds. Similar in most ways to a large commercial greenhouse structure, mini greenhouses are small enough to be used by almost any gardener, regardless of their space limitations. As I found out, using a small greenhouse would allow me to reap all sorts of benefits that I never though possible.
Shopping for a hobby greenhouse was made easy by focusing my search to online retailers. Admittedly, I did head over to a local garden center to check out their offerings, but I left disappointed at the high prices and limited selection. Neither of these were an issue while shopping online. I ended up purchasing a small 4-tier mini greenhouse, which allows me to take advantage of the warmer months of spring and summer. The following are just 3 reasons that I love my recent purchase –

  1. Convenience – the greenhouse I purchased is small, which means it’s also highly portable. This means that during winter I can simply move it into my garage if I decide not to use it. Also, because it’s small I have located it just off the back porch of my home, which means that it’s very easy to access and monitor.
  2. Price – I only paid about $100.00 for my tiered structure, and while I know there are more expensive models out there, I also know that there’s no need to shell out a bunch of money in order to take advantage of what greenhouses have to offer.
  3. Performance – although my plants have only been growing in a greenhouse for a few weeks, I noticed a dramatic turnaround in terms of quality almost immediately.

Now that you know how I feel about my greenhouse, it’s time to pick out your mini greenhouse. With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect one is just a matter of taking the time to carefully research your options.

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